Refrigeration System

This is a highly efficient refrigeration system specially designed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries from Japan for the hot tropical environment and vehicle used here. The efficient design allows the system to use a small capacity compressor and yet delivers high cooling capacity.

Recently, MHI developed the “S-series” units to cope with global warming. The S-series has 3D Scroll compressor installed that is 1st in the world, smaller and lighter yet large in capacity proven to be eco-friendly, energy efficient and high performance compared with the conventional scroll compressor.

There are 2 groups of truck refrigeration systems – Direct driven type and Self-powered type.

Direct Driven Systems:
  • Flushed type (TDJ/TDJS series)
  • Separate type (TD/TDS series)

Self-Powered Systems:
  • Nose-mount type (TNW series)
  • Under-mount type (TU series & TU100SEM multi-temp unit) – low noise

Key features:
  • Eco-friendly, energy efficient & high performance 3D scroll compressor
  • Micro-computerised controller (printer and fleet management enable)
  • Easy operation
  • Durable and attractive exterior panels
  • Low noise self-powered system

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Products - Refrigeration System Illustration

Direct Drive System - Separate system Type (TD/TDS series)
Direct Drive System - Flushed Type (TDJ/TDJS series)
Direct Drive System - 2 - Compartment Multi-Temp Series

Self-Powered System - Under mount Type (TU series)
Self-Powered System - Nose mount Type (TNW series)
Self-Powered System TU Multi-Temp Series

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