About Us

Hwee Jan (S) Pte Ltd began in 1980 as an air-conditioning system provider for the automotive industry. We have expanded our air-conditioning system range to cover all automotive applications, i.e. cars, trucks, buses and any other specialized vehicles. As the refrigeration system business grew over the years, we build up our experiences and technical knowledge of various types of refrigeration system.

From the beginning, our business philosophy is to have a long-term symbiosis relationship with our customers. We built our business upon the success of our customer's business. Hence, our adopted core values are:

  • Quality - We strive to provide the best quality in our products and service;
  • Competency - We must have the competency to design and support our products;
  • Trustworthy - We must earn our customer's trust in our product, quality and solutions;
  • Innovative - We strive to offer innovative solutions to best meet our customer's requirements.

Over the years, we have expanded into the manufacturing of insulated bodies for refrigerated transportation industry. In line with our values, we bring in the latest technology and quality materials from Japan, USA and Europe.

Now, besides providing design and custom built insulated boxes for refrigerated transportation, we also provide various specialized vehicles with flexible customization to meet customer's requirements. Furthermore, with adequate facilities, we are able to provide the wide range of manufacturing services.