Customized Products
We design and manufacture special vehicle bodies tailored to the specific requirements and specifications. These bodies are integrated with equipments to perform or execute a range of specific tasks or functions as they are designed for. We employed laminated sandwich panels in the body construction, taking advantage of its lightweight, high mechanical strength properties as well as its ability to incorporate other material properties as required.

Our products are generally group into 4:
  • Mobile Health Vehicles
  • Emergency and Security Vehicles
  • Airport Vehicles
  • Others – Solar-Powered Refrigerated Body, Mobile Food Vehicles, Training Vehicles, etc.

Key features:
  • Customized layout to suit operational requirement and workflow
  • Lightweight and high mechanical strength construction using laminated sandwich panels
  • Easy to clean and easy to maintain hygienic environment
  • Hygienic internal finishing, impervious to water
  • Construction material do not absorb or retain water
  • Efficient Air-con or Refrigeration System
  • Reliable Hydraulic Systems

Solar-Powered Refrigeration System
Mobile Dental Clinic
Low Cabin HiLift Truck

Hazmat Control Vehicle
Dog Transporter
Tactical Vehicle

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